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  • Customized design according to your process

  • Special material options

  • Easy thrust adjust by valve

  • Strong guiding for axial movement

  • Stainless steel spring 

  • Standard parts that easy to repeair

  • Zero leakage in close positions


Hydroelectric power plants needs to change their old axial valves and also need spare valves. Dersta serves to customers for this requirements with reverse engineering. 

Please contact our professional sells team and request ideal solutions for your process.

Axial valves using dam turbine lines that prevents to sharp pressure drops. In case of dropping pressure in line, cavitation occured and deformed to turbine blades. Pressure must be adjusted automatically by perfect designed valves. 

Dersta engineers; receive your turbine conditions and process parameters and design customised axial valves that increased your turbine lifetime. 

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