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Set up 2013 in Kocaeli as Akvem Valve Company

Dersta, new brand name just focus on special ball and axial valves  and based on Akvem Valve Company

Interested industries; chemical, petrol, gas, mining, power-plants, dam

Possibility to manufacture special valves have exotic materials like; hastelloy, inconnel, titanium

Possibility to design and manufature axial valves for francis turbines in dam


To make design, analyse and tests for special ball and axial valves that requested by customer and submit to the all over the world


To be the most valuable company in the fields of special ball and axial valves in the world.


  • Innovation : Put innovation that helps to customer issues for all jobs

  • Quality : Nonstop increase the quality 

  • Qualified Team : Not just technical qualified persons, also improve personal skills

  • Supplier Satisfaction : Improve supplier business day by day

  • Customer Satisfaction : All strategies above serve to customer satisfaction that is help to reach company vision

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